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Based in Oshawa and delivering to nearby areas around Toronto, Grab A Leaf is your source of the best bongs online. Choosing the right bong is important. So is getting a great deal. We are a cigar, tobacco, and bong store with a vast product lineup available, ensuring we have the best bongs for every customer.

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What is a Bong?

A bong is one of the most commonly used items for smoking tobacco, herbal blends, and legal cannabis in Canada. Bongs also go by the common name of water pipe, so you can consider the term to be interchangeable.

As a filtration device, a bong works to cool and remove some of the solid contaminants from smoke vapor. The right bong can improve your smoking experience and they also look impressive. Believe it or not, some people use them primarily as display pieces. You’ll see why when checking out the incredible examples at our bong store.

If you’re looking for bong shops near me, you’ll find that Grab A Leaf has one of the most varied selections in Canada. We supply the most durable bongs that provide a great return on investment, so you can use them as much as you like, without the risk of breakage or deterioration.

Whether considering glass or acrylic, the quality of the material and the design is important. It’s critical that you buy from a trusted local supplier so that you can have confidence in the product. We are based in Oshawa and deliver to nearby areas, making us the best choice when you are searching for bong shops near me.

What to Look for in the Best Bongs Online

Whether you’re buying your first bong or a replacement, the process can be overwhelming. The selection of bongs online is always growing, making it difficult to get started in some cases.

Choosing the best bongs online is a personal process. There are various aspects like aesthetic, size, and overall style to consider. We offer the best pipes and bongs in Ontario. With a few tips, you’ll find it easy to make the right choice for your needs.

Glass thickness is one of the most important aspects of choosing a bong. Typically, the thicker the bong is, the longer it will last. Thickness adds durability but it also adds weight, so you need a right balance of thickness and convenience. Most bongs are between 3mm and 5mm thick, but it’s not unusual to find some that are as thick as 7mm.

Some bongs also have percolators which can add some confusion. These are essentially filters and they help to improve the smoothness but can compromise airflow. Honeycomb percolators are great if you want excellent filtration with mild flow.

Style is subjective and it’s probably the main thing that you’ll consider when buying bongs online. The style should reflect your own sense of what makes a great looking bong. Color and shape are the two main variables.

Start with a style you like and then choose a thickness and percolator/filtration system that suits you. If you are stuck when buying bongs online, our staff is available to help. You can call us at any time or even visit us in our Oshawa store and we’ll recommend something suited to your needs.

Acrylic Pipes and Bongs

Although glass is seen as the premium material, there’s an entire world of acrylic pipes and bongs out there. Acrylic doesn’t look as impressive as glass but there’s no doubt that it’s more durable for pipes and bongs. Dropping acrylic, even on solid flooring, is likely to result in only minimal damage if there’s any at all. In short, you have to try quite hard to break acrylic pipes and bongs.

Acrylic pipes and bongs are also typically more affordable, although this can depend on the complexity of the design. Comparing like for like, you’ll typically find that acrylic pipes and bongs offer better value.

Functionally, acrylic and glass bongs are identical, so it comes down to the price and the style that you’re looking for. Grab A Leaf can supply the best acrylic pipes and bongs in Canada. If you’re looking for options, you can browse our inventory online or call us for more information.

Why It Pays to Order Local When Searching for Bong Shops Near Me

Do a quick search for bong shops near me and you’ll see that they aren’t necessarily that hard to find. You also might notice that some of the advertisements and results for bong shops near me aren’t actually anywhere near your home. Bongs can be ordered from around the world but that doesn’t mean that you should try buying one from just anywhere. Your search for bong shops near me has brought you to Grab A Leaf, Ontario’s premier bong store. Our location in Ontario means that you can get a bong quickly and without any unnecessary taxes and duties placed on your order. Consider the reasons that local is best when you are looking for bong shops near me…
  • You’ll get the best price from a local bong store without any international shipping or duty fees.
  • Buying local gives you the same consumer protections as other goods.
  • You’ll have real people to talk to when you need help selecting bongs online.
  • We ship locally from Oshawa. There’s less that can go wrong in transit.
  • All our bongs are inspected for quality before going on sale.
We are experts in bongs and all things smoking. Trust a local team when you are looking to buy bongs online.

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