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You can buy cigars online in Canada and enjoy rich flavour and quality delivered to your door. Grab A Leaf is based in Oshawa and delivers throughout nearby areas like Toronto and the GTA. Whether you’ve been enjoying fine cigars for years or are looking for some excellent suggestions to get started with, we can help.

Cigars online in Canada are more affordable and you won’t have to worry about the hassle of importing them yourself or ordering from outside of the province. We offer cheap smokes and cigars but never make you compromise on your demands for quality.

Learn about some of our most popular cigars online and see why we’re the best place to source everything from classic Backwoods® to Cuban cigars in Canada.

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The Most Popular Cheap Smokes and Cigars Online in Canada

If you are looking for cigars online in Canada, you’ll find that Grab A Leaf has one of the best selections to choose from. Our vast inventory ensures that people looking for cheap smokes and cigars can still enjoy quality and variety.

You don’t need to spend a lot to get impressive flavour and consistent quality. This is evident throughout all our cheap smokes and cigars for sale. Below are some of our most popular brands, available for order today.

Backwoods® – The Backwoods® brand is famous for flavour and the irregular shape of the cigars. They’re similar in size to cigarillos but still pack plenty of rich cigar flavour. For a more traditional experience stick to Backwoods® original. There are other varieties like Honey Berry, Port, and even Russian Cream to try. The affordability is a major draw of the brand, with the excellent flavour being a very welcome addition considering the price point. We stock a complete range of Backwoods® cigars at Grab A Leaf.

Phillies® – Phillies are small, flavourful, and affordable. Phillies®, like Backwoods®, are available in a range of sweet flavours that make them popular with a new generation of cigar afficionados. There are also traditional flavours in the Phillies® range if you want a more classic experience. The affordability makes Phillies® some of the best cheap smokes and cigars online in Canada.

Cuban, Dominican, and Nicaraguan Cigars – Known sometimes as new world cigars, we stock a selection of Cuban, Dominican, and Nicaraguan cigars online in Canada. Cigars from these nations are known for their quality and rich flavours. Different brands can vary significantly based on the aging process, production methods, and leaf selection. Enjoying high quality cigars is like becoming accustomed to fine wine or craft beer. Our extensive selection of cigars online in Canada gives you the opportunity to explore a vast world of flavor and aroma. Find your next favourite from our selection of quality yet cheap smokes and cigars online in Canada.

If you’re new to the interesting world of quality cigars, you can talk to us today to learn more about the assorted brands and flavours that we have available. Our cheap smokes and cigars never compromise on quality, so you can enjoy a rich smoking experience.

Even if you’re looking for some more premium cigars online in Canada, we can offer them at excellent prices. With the best value in every sale, Grab A Leaf is the best place to buy cigars online.

The Everlasting Allure of Cuban Cigars in Canada

Cuban cigars in Canada have a storied history, most of it relating to the ongoing U.S. trade embargo.

President John F. Kennedy imposed economic sanctions on Cuba back in the 1960s, and Cuban cigars still can’t be sold in America today. There was a brief period of reprieve when Americans were able to import up to $100 worth of Cuban cigars from 2014 – 2019, but sanctions have since been reinstated.

For us here in Canada, we don’t have to worry about the same restrictions. Yes, it’s perfectly legal to buy, own, and smoke Cuban cigars in Canada.

Cuban cigars in Canada aren’t just popular because of their notoriety in America. They’re popular because they are, in many cases, excellent. Cuba was once considered the best cigar producing nation in the world. While surrounding states have since caught up to Cuba (many with Cuban producers moving their operations to avoid embargoes), some people still insist on Cuban originals.

Cuban cigar production is government regulated which ensures quality control and the continued prestige of the industry. Because of this, you’ll pay more for Cuban cigars in Canada when compared to cigars made anywhere else.

As far as quality and taste goes, the value is subjective. There are fine cigars made all over the world, but we know first-hand that many of our customers still insist on Cuban cigars in Canada. Cuban varieties are known for rich flavour and aroma, complex tasting notes, and consistency.

There are still duds, of course, so it’s important to buy Cuban cigars in Canada from a tobacco shop that you can trust. Grab A Leaf has the expertise and suppliers to ensure that we only sell the absolute best Cuban cigars in Canada. If you want to try something new from a nation that has been central to the popularity of cigars worldwide, you can order from us today.

Buy the Finest Cigars Online from Grab A Leaf

No matter what type of cigar you’re looking for, you’ll find the best prices and flavours at Grab A Leaf. We carefully curate our cigar selection to ensure the best balance of price and variety. Traditional, modern, or flavour-infused, there’s a cigar for everyone.

In addition to cigars, we also stock a range of cigarettes, pipe tobacco, organic tobacco, and smoking accessories. If you need a humidor to keep your cigars in perfect condition, a storage box, lighters, or clippers, you can order from us today. We offer direct sales from our store in Oshawa and deliver to the surrounding areas. We’d love to talk to you about your passion for cigars and can place custom orders based on your feedback. Call us today to learn more.

Buy cheap smokes and cigars online in Canada and enjoy the quality that Grab A Leaf ensures.