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Whether you’re new to fine cigars or if you have smoked for years, you probably know that serious cigar connoisseurs use humidors. Owning a cigar humidor in Canada can keep your cigars fresh and at their most flavoursome, without any risk of cigars drying out or decaying.

The best Canada humidors are sold at Grab A Leaf. We love cigars as much as you do, and we want to make sure that yours are kept in their best condition. Learn how a Canada humidor works, why it’s important to have one, and get the best humidors from our cigar and tobacco store.

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The Importance Of Owning A Cigar Humidor In Canada

Living in or around Toronto, you’ll be awfully familiar with humidity. Living on the shore of Lake Ontario makes for some impressive vistas, but the humidity can be a problem at any time of the year. Too much moisture can make even a mild day feel too hot, and it’s not long before your clothes feel damp and heavy if you spend too much time outside during one of the warmer and wetter months.

Just like people, cigars suffer from humidity. In fact, everything does. From your home to your car. Humidity is a constant of nature.

It’s relatively easy for us to compensate for humidity with inventions like air conditioning and even refrigeration for cool and refreshing drinks. Cigars don’t have the same luxury, so we have to take care of them with humidors.

Buying a cigar humidor in Canada is one of the smartest things you can do as a cigar aficionado, and here’s why…

The best cigars have only two main ingredients. These are tobacco leaves and water. Premium tobacco is fermented and cured, and the moisture content is tightly controlled in production and packaging. As soon as you open the packaging (and sometimes before you even do), the humidity will start to change your cigars.

If the cigar is too dry because it hasn’t been kept in a cigar humidor in Canada, it will be more at risk of cracking and falling apart. The burn will be less controlled, and the flavour could be harsher and less enjoyable. Whether you’ve spent a little or a lot on a cigar, feeling it crumble away in your fingers is never a pleasant experience.

And then there’s the other side. If the humidity is too high, then your cigar will be heavier and much damper than it should be. This can also impact the burn and the flavour, and there’s a risk of mildew developing. Remember that cigars are natural products, and they can go stale or deteriorate just like anything else.

A cigar humidor in Canada can eliminate all the environmental variables and keep your cigars in optimal condition so that they are always fresh and ready to enjoy. Ideally, any cigar that you buy should be kept inside a cigar humidor in Canada, although it’s less critical for smaller varieties like Phillies® and Backwoods® that are designed to be smoked a relatively short time after purchase.

If you’re buying from our range of Cuban, Nicaraguan, and Dominican cigars, you will absolutely want to keep these fresh in a humidor.

How Does A Humidor Work?

A cigar humidor in Canada is actually quite an elegant and complicated piece of equipment. It’s more than just a fancy box to store your cigars.

We mentioned problems of varying humidity and how this can impact cigar quality. The ideal humidity for a cigar is between 68% and 74%. This is lower than the average yearly humidity in Toronto and the GTA, but you have to consider that most homes are relatively dry when compared to the air outside. So, even though there could be ideal humidity outdoors, the actual temperature and relative humidity won’t be ideal for your cigars.

A cigar humidor in Canada regulates the humidity inside an enclosure. This is done through several steps…

  • The construction of the humidor matters. Most models of cigar humidor in Canada are made from Spanish Cedar or a similar species of wood that can absorb and release moisture slowly to prevent drastic humidity changes inside of the box. Applying a small amount of water to the inside of the box will ensure that it stays humid without drawing moisture from the cigars. This is called seasoning.
  • The humidifier element in a cigar humidor in Canada can be made from special gel packs, pouches, or blocks. These work to regulate the humidity by providing additional moisture when needed.
  • A hydrometer gauge is a critical part used in Canada humidors. This device measures relative humidity and temperature so that you will know when the box needs moisture. The golden ratio for most cigars is 70/70 for relative humidity and temperature in °F.

All humidors follow the same principles, but they differ in some specific areas of operation. Humidors are provided with instructions which must be followed carefully, even if you’ve used a humidor before.

Do Cheap Cigars Need Humidors?

Cheap cigars also need humidors. If you are planning to store cigars, no matter the price, owning a humidor will keep every cigar fresh and in the best condition to enjoy its flavour and aroma.

Unless you plan to enjoy a cigar immediately, such as singles or cigarillos, a humidor should be used. Sealed packaging isn’t always a guarantee that your cigar will stay fresh.

Buy The Best Canada Humidors From Grab A Leaf

Not all Canada humidors are created equal. There are different sizes, different methods of maintaining humidity, and different quality levels. Finding the right humidor for your needs can be a challenge, so it’s important that you have the help of experts when making your selection.

At Grab A Leaf, we have a selection of Canada humidors for sale. You can order a humidor online and have it delivered to your door. If you’re in any way serious about smoking cigars, or if you are starting a collection, it’s essential that you have a Canada humidor at home.

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