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Your Local Tobacco Shop in Ajax

Ontario is known for some of the world’s most diverse cities and towns. Wrapping around Lake Ontario and many of Canada’s most gorgeous natural vistas, it’s also one of the most beautiful places to live and work. Whether considering the bustle of the larger cities like Toronto or the quieter places like Ajax, the region has so much to offer.

If you call Ajax home, you’ll find plenty of recreational, professional, and social opportunities. You’re also right around the corner from Grab a Leaf, an Ajax tobacco shop where you can order the highest quality cigarette, cigar, and vape products. We are based in nearby Oshawa and deliver throughout Ajax, making us the perfect choice when you’re looking for cigars near me, or any of our extensive range of products.

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A Local Tobacco Shop Focused on Your Needs

You can trust our cigar shop in Ajax when you’re looking for cigars near me. High quality tobacco, a full range of vape products, and more, is carefully curated by our experienced staff. Whether you’re looking for some unique cigars for a special celebration, or the finest organic tobacco grown right here in Canada, we have specialist products ready to be shipped to your door.

As a boutique tobacco shop and cigar store, we are focused on quality and unique items that you won’t find elsewhere. Taste is something that should always come first. Our tobacco shop combines great taste with quality, value, and convenience. Browse our inventory, place your order, and we’ll dispatch it quickly and for an excellent price. You won’t find cigars near me with such an extensive range of the best vape and smoking products like we have.

We stock Cuban, Dominican, and Nicaraguan cigars of the highest quality.

Hard to find items and brands are available from our tobacco shop. You won’t have to scour the back pages of the internet to find those special cigars, rolling papers, pipe tobacco, and smoking accessories that you’ve been looking for.

Why Should I Choose a Cigar Shop Near Me?

E-commerce has changed the way that we shop. Convenience is now king. When you’re looking for quality that you can trust, it’s natural to search for a cigar shop near me. Going local gives you more confidence in the product and there are other benefits to consider, too.

When you find the right cigar shop near me you can be sure of…

  • A cigar store that sells products to comply with all government regulations.
  • Quality backed by a cigar shop near me that has a real presence and investment in Ontario.
  • Friendly local support from staff who appreciate the taste and quality of fine tobacco.
  • Accessories and related smoking and vape products that suit the needs of the local market.

You search for a local cigar shop near me concludes with Grab a Leaf. We are proud to offer not only some of the world’s finest brands like Backwoods® cigars, but also locally produced tobacco that is 100% organic and natural with all its rich flavour intact.

You’ve found a cigar shop near me that is ready to guide you in your purchase with an extensive product lineup. We ship from our local store, ensuring product freshness and compliance with Canadian regulations. Safe and reliable, we are the cigar shop near me that discerning Ajax residents choose.

Backwoods® Cigars from Our Ajax Cigar Store

Our cigar store carries Backwoods® cigars, giving you the authentic Always True® experience with full-bodied flavour.

With a range of craft blends and traditional cigars, Backwoods® is a favorite for discerning smokers looking for unique experiences. No two Backwoods® blends at our cigar store are alike. Made with all-natural leaf, the boutique inconsistency in the roll is a mark of quality that people have come to expect from the brand. We are an authorized cigar store for the complete range of Backwoods® cigars.

From Backwoods® originals to sweet, aromatic, honey, and even craft flavours like stout and Russian cream, there’s something for every palate. Backwoods® are perfect for special occasions, enjoying a cigar casually, or even for pairing with craft beers, high end spirits, and outdoor meals.

We are your local cigar store for Backwoods® and all the best cigar brands available in Canada.

Exquisite Blunt Cigars Near Me

We can’t talk quality without mentioning Phillies® Blunts. More than just cigar products, these are real cultural icons. There’s no other brand that has remained relevant to people from all walks of life, without sacrificing quality. When you want cigars near me that are high end without the snobbery, Phillies® are what you need.

We stock Phillies® Blunts with the original and authentic earthy flavour that people around the world have come to love. You can get them delivered right here in Ajax. Phillies are the cigars near me that you can choose when you want an even blend of real tobacco with a rich flavour and distinct aroma. A smoking experience like no other, Phillies® are considered classics because they’re just that good.

Grab a Leaf is the best Cigar shop in Ajax for Phillies® and other leading brands. Your search for cigars near me has brought you to the best. Always fresh and always flavourful, we can deliver to you.

Browse Our Cigar Shop in Ajax Today

We are a team of tobacco experts offering the highest quality products at reasonable prices. Our cigar shop in Ajax is ready to supply Ajax and the surrounding areas. We carry everything from pipe tobacco to Backwoods® and Phillies® at our cigar shop in Ajax. It’s all available to browse online with convenient delivery to your home. Browse our cigar shop in Ajax today for…
  • Cigars
  • Cigarettes
  • Rolling Papers
  • Lighters
  • Water Bongs
  • Pipe Tobacco
  • Blunt Wraps
  • Smoking Accessories
  • And more…
Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or if you want to see a curated selection for some great ideas, our cigar shop in Ajax has it all. Grab a Leaf is your friendly local tobacco shop.