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Markham is often described as a melting pot of culture, and this is no exaggeration. It’s a high-tech hub, has fantastic residential neighborhoods for families, there are rolling hills, and views of towering skyscrapers. Old meets new with 19th century homes rich in class and prestige. There are cultural sites, opportunities for recreation, and parks galore. In short, it’s a fantastically refined place to be. If you live in Markham, you no doubt enjoy the finer things in life. A conveniently placed order from our tobacco shop wouldn’t be out of place.

Much like Markham’s heritage architecture, the sophistication of a good cigar will never go out of fashion. You can buy the finest cigars and tobacco products from Grab A Leaf cigar shop in Markham.

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A Local Tobacco Shop

Our tobacco shop is just a few miles up Lake Ontario’s coast, in beautiful Oshawa. We deliver to addresses throughout Markham, making Grab A Leaf the best place to order cigars and smoking products.

Tobacco shops aren’t as common as they once were, but with a cigar store like ours, you’ll never be without the aromatic and flavourful experience that a good cigar can bring. We also have a complete range of cigarettes, organic tobacco, pipe tobacco, and vape products. Whether you’re looking for a special gift for someone important, or if you’re ready to restock your humidor, you’ll find that our extensive selection has old favorites and new things to try.

Our tobacco shop staff is knowledgeable about quality products and can help you to choose the perfect items. Call us before you order online from our tobacco shop, and you’ll get expert advice and suggestions.

Our Cigar Shop in Markham is Dedicated to Flavour

People look for cigars near me for various reasons. For some it’s tradition. For others it’s a way to wind down and relax with friends and family. People often buy from our cigar shop in Markham to prepare for a special occasion. One thing that everyone has in common, is an appreciation for rich flavour.

The team at our cigar shop in Markham understands that aroma and flavour should come first. That’s why we stock the highest-quality cigars from North America and around the world. Options like the famous Backwoods® cigars and Phillies® are incredibly popular with locals buying cigars near me. We also stock a unique range of Cuban cigars as well as varieties from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Whether you want traditional cigars or modern options with infused flavour, you’ll find it all at our cigar shop in Markham.

Our cigar shop in Markham also has an extensive range of cigarettes from familiar brands that are often found domestically, as well as those that you won’t see behind the average gas station counter. When you chase flavour, smoking is a completely unique experience where it can be savoured and truly enjoyed.

Browse our vast range of tobacco products available from our cigar shop in Markham. We deliver throughout Markham and the nearby areas.

Why is it Becoming Harder to Find a Cigar Shop Near Me?

You’ve searched for a cigar shop near me and found that the options aren’t as extensive as they were just a few years ago. There are many reasons contributing to the lack of options when searching for a cigar shop near me. Experience is one of them.

Cigars and fine tobacco occupy a small niche in today’s market. It requires specialist knowledge and passion to run a successful cigar store. Most entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to make the investment. We’ve built Grab A Leaf from the ground up to ensure that people like you can get the best service when looking for a cigar shop near me.

Locals trust us when looking for a cigar shop near me because our customer service is outstanding. In addition to our vast inventory, we also take feedback and suggestions from our valued clientele. Our cigar store inventory is continuously expanding based on the requests and suggestions of people who love fine tobacco.

We’re also the best choice of a cigar shop near me when you want organic options. We are affiliated with organic famers in Ontario’s Norfolk tobacco belt. The rich earthiness of organic tobacco is something that every tobacco enthusiast must try at least once.

Next time you look for a cigar shop near me, trust the team at Grab A Leaf. With convenient delivery in Markham, you won’t even have to leave your home to get the best smoking products and accessories in Canada.

What Can I Buy at a Shop for Cigars Near Me?

We specialize in cigarettes, cigars, and a range of related products. Whether you have a long history with fine cigars and know exactly what you want, or if you’re looking for advice and great suggestions, you’ll find a friendly and helpful team at Grab A Leaf.
Markham locals trust us when they are looking for cigars near me.

  • Smoking Accessories
  • Water Bongs
  • Lighters
  • Blunt Wraps
  • Pipe Tobacco
  • Rolling Papers
  • Cigars
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  • Organic Tobacco from Norfolk Ontario

You’re looking for cigars near me and want the best quality and low prices. We are committed to delivering value with every purchase.

If you need cigars near me for a special occasion but aren’t sure what to buy, we can help. There’s a perfect cigar for anniversaries, sports nights, birthday parties, and other special occasions. We can recommend cigars to pair with food and liquor, craft beer, or anything that you’re interested in.

We’re more than just a shop where you can buy cigars near me. We are passionate experts ready to share our knowledge so that you can make informed decisions.

Trust Your Local Cigar Store

From the quality of our products to our great prices and knowledgeable staff, we’re your friendly local cigar store. Grab A Leaf cigar store provides a full service comparable to the tobacconists of yesteryear. Enjoy the most convenient online ordering and have your items delivered rom our Markham cigar store to your home.

Browse our inventory and order from your local tobacco shop today.