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The Finest Tobacco Shop in Pickering

Getting out and enjoying Ontario’s natural beauty is easy for those living in Pickering. The city has no less than 85 wonderful parks, an extensive waterfront, and four conservation areas. For those who love nature at its finest, rich, and flavourful tobacco products go hand in hand. If you are looking for a boutique tobacco shop in Pickering, Grab a Leaf is ready to deliver the finest products to your door.

We are a local tobacco shop based in Oshawa, and we deliver throughout the Pickering area. With tobacco products like cigars and cigarettes, organic tobacco, pipe tobacco, and a complete range of accessories, we’re the obvious choice when locals search for a cigar shop near me.

Find out why locals choose Grab a Leaf when they want cigars near me in Pickering.

Pickering Nuclear Generating Plant, view from the Lake Ontario, is located in Pickering a city just outside of Toronto Canada.

We are a Tobacco Shop Serving the Needs of Discerning Tobacco Buyers

Finding an authentic and dedicated tobacco shop today can be a challenge. The traditional tobacconist has largely been overtaken by the big chain stores with their big chain brands. For those looking for something special, we are the answer. Don’t just pick up a pack. Explore unique flavours and tobacco products from around the world and make a real occasion of your refined enjoyment.

We carry many of the largest and most popular brands including mainstays like Pall Mall® and Rothmans®. We are also affiliated with local organic tobacco producers, offering unique products for rolling and pipes.

Everything in our tobacco shop is available for order in Pickering, making us the most convenient way to stock up on cigars, cigarettes, and smoking accessories. You’ve been looking for a cigar shop near me with unique products from brands old and new. Grab a Leaf is your local cigar store.

Everything You’re Looking for in a Cigar Shop Near Me

The smoking culture is rapidly changing in Canada. Today, it’s about quality and flavour. Sharing flavourful cigars with friends on a special occasion or tasting the newest Backwoods® varieties with a paired drink; these are the types of experiences you can enjoy when you find the right cigar shop near me.

With Grab a Leaf, you have a cigar shop near me that will:

  • Strive to provide the highest quality products from Canada and around the world.
  • Continually update what we offer based on customer feedback and requests.
  • Ensure quality with a commitment to locals. You’ve found a cigar shop near me that is a real part of the Ontario community.
  • Provide support and buying advice from knowledgeable staff who appreciate fine tobacco products.
  • Offer accessories, smoking, and vape products that are compliant with Canadian regulations.

You no longer need to go out of your way to find a cigar shop near me. Grab a Leaf is ready to serve Pickering and the nearby areas. We’ll guide you through every purchase and offer an extensive range of products that you can browse right now through our website. If you’re looking for something special, you can contact us, and we’ll see what we can do. We value feedback and take all suggestions on board.

Choose a friendly cigar store that understands great tobacco and smoking accessories.

The World’s Top Brands at One Cigar Store

Our Pickering cigar store supplies the finest cigars from around the world. Including familiar brands and unique offerings just waiting for you to sample them.

You’ll find Backwoods® cigars in our boutique cigar store. Backwoods® are known for their unique flavour and commitment to quality. No two Backwoods® cigars are identical. They are machine rolled under strict supervision using natural leaf wrappers and the finest tobacco. Rich flavour and interesting varieties like honey and even craft beer flavours are available at our cigar store.

Backwoods® and Phillies® are just some of the brands that you can explore and taste from our cigar store. We stock an extensive range of Cuban, Nicaraguan, and Dominican cigars.

Looking for Blunt Cigars Near Me?

You’ve been searching for blunt cigars near me and want something that combines quality with consistency. The Phillies® brand has enjoyed enormous success and is an excellent choice when you are looking for blunt cigars near me. Our cigar shop in Pickering has the best selection of blunt cigars and wraps that you’ll find in Ontario.

One of the world’s most well-established cigar brands, Phillies® have never strayed from what made them so popular in the first place. Rich and earthy flavours, unique aromas, and excellent consistency have kept the brand relevant right through to the modern day. Phillies® are available in a range of flavours from the original classic through to cinnamon, sweet vanilla, tequila, and even exotic flavours like pina colada and sambuca.

Don’t just settle for the first result when you look for cigars near me. Choose the experienced team at Grab a Leaf for help choosing the right flavours to suit you from top brands like Phillies®.

Do you want classic cigars near me, something organic, or flavoured cigars near me? Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it.

The Best Cigar Shop in Pickering

With the convenience of online ordering, we are the best cigar shop in Pickering for your needs. From Backwoods® to cigarettes and a complete range of cigars and even pipe tobacco, we are your friendly local tobacco supplier.

The new wave of tobacco appreciation is here. Experience the unique, rich, and classy flavours we offer at our cigar shop in Pickering.

Choose Grab a Leaf Cigar Shop in Pickering for…

  • Cigarettes
  • Rolling Papers
  • Cigars
  • Lighters
  • Pipe Tobacco
  • Blunt Wraps
  • Water Bongs
  • Smoking Accessories
  • A complete range of tobacco and vape products.

Ask us questions, request something special, or simply browse our stock today. We are a cigar shop in Pickering that focuses on the finer details so that you can enjoy every product. Grab a Leaf is your trusted cigar and tobacco shop in Pickering.