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Never too far from the inner city, but not too close. Scarborough is the perfect blend of urban Toronto and the open nature of the Bluffs and the character-filled residential neighborhoods. Freedom means having the choice to live life the way that best suits you. If you are someone who enjoys the odd cigar or specialty cigarette, you’ll know exactly what this means. Grab a Leaf is your local tobacco shop in Scarborough offering an extensive range where you can explore flavours from around the world.

Our Scarborough tobacco shop has the highest quality cigarettes, cigars, and vape products. From our store in Oshawa, we deliver throughout the Scarborough area. If you are interested in unique cigars, cigarettes, and smoking accessories, we have you covered. Learn what makes our tobacco shop the preferred choice for Scarborough residents.

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A Tobacco Shop Where Your Needs are in Focus

If you’re looking for cigars near me, you’ll find that Grab a Leaf has everything you need and more. We have the highest quality tobacco products where premium flavour and rich aromas are always front and centre. If you want specialty cigars for an upcoming celebration, or even organic tobacco from Norfolk Ontario, we have the best products ready for shipping from our tobacco shop to your home.

We are a boutique cigar store and tobacconist where quality is at the heart of all we do. Many of our cigar and cigarette items are unique and difficult to find in the wider market of the GTA. Your experience of any tobacco product comes down to taste. We combine excellent taste with quality as well as value. Most importantly, we also offer convenience. You can browse our cigar shop in Scarborough, order online, and enjoy a seamless delivery process. You won’t find any store offering cigars near me with a range that is as extensive as ours.

Many of the hardest to find tobacco and cigar brands are available right here at our cigar shop in Scarborough. If you have a special request, let us know and we’ll see what we can do about getting it in stock. We strive to offer excellent value as well as a friendly and helpful experience. If you have questions or requests, let us know. The ever-growing inventory at our cigar shop in Scarborough is based on feedback from our valued customers.

Locals Prefer Grab a Leaf When Searching for a Cigar Shop Near Me

You’re looking for the best cigars and have decided to search for a cigar shop near me. Grab a Leaf isn’t alone in the market, but we do understand quality better than our competition. Convenience is important when looking for a cigar shop near me, but it should never come at the compromise of quality.

Choosing a local cigar store ensures that you can have products delivered quickly, and you will always have a friendly team available for questions, concerns, or any rare problems with your order.

Choosing a trusted cigar shop near me ensures that…

  • All tobacco products from the cigar store are sold in compliance with regulations.
  • Confidence comes from knowing that the cigar shop near me has a physical local presence.
  • Accessories, tobacco, and other products are suited to the local market.
  • Questions and concerns are answered by locals that understand your unique needs.

You no longer need to search for a cigar shop near me. If you’re in Scarborough, you’ll get the best service and the highest-quality products from Grab a Leaf. We offer leading brands like Backwoods® cigars, Phillies®, and some more exotic choices like hard to find Cuban, Dominican, and Nicaraguan brands. We also supply locally produced tobacco from Norfolk Ontario. Organic tobacco has unique flavour profiles that many tobacco enthusiasts prefer. Whatever you’re looking for, we have something to suit.

We are the cigar shop near me for discerning Scarborough locals who want to select from an extensive product range.

Want Unique Flavours? Consider Backwoods® Cigars from our Cigar Shop in Scarborough

The Backwoods® brand is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in cigar flavour. Traditional cigars have a wide variety of flavours based on where the tobacco is grown, how it is aged and processed, and some other key factors. Backwoods® cigars from our cigar shop in Scarborough take things a step further with unique infused flavours that completely change the experience.

Examples like Russian cream, honey, sweet aromatic, and dark stout can create unique pairings for food, wine, beer, and liquor. We carry a vast range of Backwoods® at our cigar shop in Scarborough.

If you aren’t sure where to start, the friendly team at our cigar shop in Scarborough can recommend the right cigar from Backwoods® and more brands to suit your palate.

Choose from a Vast Selection When Looking for Cigars Near Me

Next time you look for cigars near me, remember that Grab a Leaf has it all.
  • Cigars
  • Rolling Papers
  • Pipe Tobacco
  • Cigarettes
  • Lighters
  • Water Bongs
  • Blunt Wraps
  • Cigar Accessories
  • Everything you need when searching for cigars near me
Finding cigars near me shouldn’t be a chore. With Grab a Leaf, it isn’t. Call us today or order online and see why more people in Ontario are choosing us for cigars near me every day.

Your Local Cigar Store

When you want quality and flavour, Grab a Leaf is your local cigar store. If you have questions and want suggestions and guidance, our team is here for you. We are a cigar store that has a passion for immense flavour and inviting aromas. With a complete range of accessories, cigars, and related tobacco and vape products, you won’t find a better selection elsewhere.

Choose the best cigar store and tobacco shop in Scarborough and enjoy the effortless experience of buying online, with swift delivery to your door.