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Toronto’s sprawling area and diverse cultures make it a rich and exciting place to live and work. From the beauty of Lake Ontario and the Scarborough Bluffs to the rolling hills traveling north, the landscape and wildlife are as diverse as the people. Toronto is also steeped in history, making it one of the most fantastic places to explore Canadian culture from the modern day to the pre-colonial past. Cigars, just as elsewhere in the world, have a rich history in Toronto. We’re not far from the Norfolk tobacco belt, where tobacco for cigars and cigarettes is still produced to this day. If you’re looking for cigars in Toronto, you’ll find a vast inventory at Grab A Leaf.

The tobacconist stores of yesteryear may have disappeared, but you’ll find that our cigar store in Toronto still holds true to similar goals and values. We are here to supply the finest cigars in Toronto so that you can enjoy the rich flavour and relaxation that they can bring.

When you’re looking for a cigar store near me, our team is here to make a difference.

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Everything Locals Want in a Cigar Store Near Me

You’ve looked for a cigar store near me and found that there aren’t as many options today as there were just a few years ago. Government regulations and social trends have changed how people use tobacco. While cigars aren’t as mainstream as they once were, they’re still incredibly popular. Locals choose our cigar store in Toronto because they know that we share their passions.

When you narrow down your search for a cigar store near me, you’ll find that Grab A Leaf offers an impressive selection with excellent value. We also offer much more than just cigars, with cigarettes, pipe tobacco, rolling papers, and a wide selection of accessories also available.

When you choose a cigar store near me, it should be one with excellent prices. We aim to deliver value in every transaction, and our prices reflect that. A cigar store near me should also be friendly and helpful. Our expert team can help you to choose new and interesting tobacco options and cigar brands that you might not have tried before. Exposing yourself to a range of flavours will help to refine your personal taste.

Your search for a cigar store near me has led you to Grab A Leaf. All you have to do now is browse our selection and place your order. From fine Cubans and Dominicans to the best American cigars, we have an extensive range for you to order from.

Brands at Our Cigar Shop in Toronto

We offer an array of the most popular tobacco products as well as specialty brands from our cigar shop in Toronto. We understand that it’s important to offer the familiar while also having choices for bold new experiences.

Our cigar shop in Toronto has a wide selection of Backwoods® cigars. These famous cigars are made in the United States and no two are completely alike. It’s the somewhat inconsistent shape that has made the brand famous. That, and also the flavour. Backwoods® originals from our cigar shop in Toronto have rich and robust flavour with an earthy aroma, just like you would expect from a classic cigar. You can also get options like whisky and port flavours, honey, and more, bringing an innovative twist to the traditional cigar formula.

Phillies® cigars are also available at our cigar shop in Toronto. From the classic blunts to sweeter options like vanilla and Cognac, fans of the famous American brand love the traditional mouthfeel combined with modern flavours. These cigars are great for pairing with beverages.

Tobacco Products and More from the Best Cigar Store in Toronto

Tobacco is our specialty, and we carry the finest cigars in Toronto. We also stock a complete range of other tobacco products including cigarettes and pipe tobacco. We’re the best cigar store in Toronto when you want an extensive selection so that you can enjoy flavour profiles inspired by countries and cultures around the world.

Browse the inventory at our cigar store in Toronto for:

  • Cigars
  • Cigarettes
  • Pipe Tobacco
  • Organic Tobacco
  • Vape Products
  • Rolling Papers
  • Water Bongs
  • Lighters
  • Smoking Accessories

From humidors and storage cases to cutters and cigar lighters, you can enhance your smoking experience with the products from our cigar store in Toronto. Just like you, we appreciate rich and interesting flavours. With our vast range of tobacco products, you can explore everything from mild organic tobacco to the finest aged cigars with rich aroma and mouthfeel.

Best of all, everything at our cigar store in Toronto can be ordered online with delivery to your door.

We Can Source Cuban Cigars in Toronto

There’s mythical status surrounding Cuban cigars in Toronto. U.S. trade embargos on Cuba have effectively outlawed these tobacco products in the States, but, for us, it’s perfectly legal and easy to buy Cuban cigars in Toronto.

Cuba has the ideal climate and soil conditions for tobacco production. Some Cuban varieties are among the best cigars in the world. If you’re looking for Cuban cigars in Toronto for a special occasion, let us know and we can look at what’s available. Note that just like any region, not all Cuban cigars in Toronto will taste the same. There are good and bad varieties and there can even be quality control issues when looking at certain brands.

It’s helpful to have experts on your side when buying Cuban cigars in Toronto. That’s where Grab A Leaf can help. We can make suggestions based on your preference for taste and aroma. If cost is an issue, we can recommend alternatives to Cuban cigars in Toronto.

Order From the Best Cigar Shop in Toronto

Grab A Leaf is here to supply the best tobacco brands with excellent service, all available for delivery to your home in Toronto. We are the best cigar shop in Toronto for experienced cigar enthusiasts, right through to those who are looking to learn more about flavours, styles, and the wider world of tobacco products.

At the best cigar shop in Toronto, you can enjoy competitive prices with an extensive selection. Try something new, pick up an old favorite, or ask us for a recommendation. Cigars in Toronto are easy to find when you shop at Grab A Leaf.